We all know that music can set the tone for the success of an event. That was certainly the case for our High School class reunion. AD completely ROCKED our reunion. She played the spot on perfect mix for this event. Her mixes, her personality, her energy, her lighting.....all of it, by the end of the evening she had the whole place on their feet. The venue staff had to kick us all off the dance floor at our time limit. AD is a phenomenal DJ. Cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Jennifer West
A.D. was the DJ for our wedding. She was awesome! She came and looked at our house, set up the day before and made sure she had all the songs we wanted for the wedding. She did our processional and recessional music as well. Everything was awesome! I’m so glad I met her. Perfect!
— Alam Smith
The best DJ in Memphis. Don’t think about it, don’t shop around. Hire this awesome lady to make your party epic!
— Leigh Ann Hearn
I have NEVER requested a song that she wasn’t able to produce instantaneously. Her energy is electric and magnetic. You won’t find anyone like this artist ANYWHERE- she’s the real deal!!
— Tara Cameron